mission projectile: status complete

Agent: 00B (Brooklynn) Time: 03:00 (Oh-Three-Hundred Hours (in the a.m.))

Location: Crib, Nursery

Secondary Targets: Crib Sheet, Inside of Crib, Rug, Ottoman

Primary Target: Mom

Mission Objective:  Each night, during the feeding, the Target will check the Agent's underclothing for mess.  If a mess is found, the underclothing is temporarily removed for cleaning and replaced with a fresh garment.  The 03:00 feeding the optimal mission time since the Target is operating under lack of sleep and odd hours.  She may be groggy, slow, and clumsy.

The objective is to forcibly shoot feces onto the target in the window of undergarment removal.  Mission does not require complete dousing as the supplies needed for such a task are not easily stored by the Agent at her current age.  Rather, one quick and deadly squirt should be more effective.  Aim for Primary Target as much as possible, but be advised that any additional collateral damage will greatly increase the perceived success of said efforts.


Mission Recap: Mission was carried out as scheduled on the morning of 07/17/09.  Primary Target was indeed sleepy as anticipated and failed to locate Agent's new and clean undergarment before removing soiled clothing.  The Agent released one decisive blast at the perfect moment striking Target's shirt and shorts.  Additionally, the crib sheet, inside of the crib, rug, and ottoman four feet outside of the blast radius were all effected.  Target was forced into reactive clean-up mode and made to change clothes at the early mission hour.

Mission is deemed an overwhelming success.  Agent 00B has earned high marks for executions and strategic maneuvers.  Consider moving onto to other more challenging targets, such as Dad in the daytime.