week 2

Dear Brooklynn, Today, you are two weeks old, and the past two weeks have been kind of a whirlwind for your mom and me.  Even though you can’t really communicate without some form of crying or less pleasant bodily functions being involved, we can already start to see the little person in you emerging.

You’re finally starting to eat a little more consistently and get down to business a little quicker.  If anyone (male or female) happens to hold you just a little bit too close to their chest around the time you’re starting to get hungry, you’re not above checking to see if there is any food to be found.  In fact, I think the other day you heard a snap that sounded a little like the clasp on Mom’s nursing bra and started looking around like, “Hey, who’s starting the buffet without ME!?”

We give you a bath every two days, whether you need it or not, but just between you and me, you need it.  Along with eating better, sometimes you drink a little faster than you can swallow and end up with milk under your chin and in your ears, and just in the past few days you are starting to regurgitate some decent amounts of food.  My advice to slow down and savor the flavor seems to fall on deaf ears.

For bath time, we lay a towel down in a tub in an inch of water and scrub you down with some washcloths, and you hate.  Hate is actually a little light for the emotions you emit; while the bathroom is pretty small, I think your screaming could fill a large concert hall without any electronic amplification.

However, when we pull you out of the detestable water and wrap you in a towel, you brighten up right away.  If that doesn’t work, we can always try a trip up and down the stairs, especially the way I walk with you.  Mom tends to hold you a little more high and tight; thanks to my long arms and big hands, I tuck you under an elbow, grab your head with one hand, and set off.  The stairs jostle you a little, but you look around trying to figure out who moved a carnival ride into the house without you noticing.  Usually one trip up and down is enough to soothe you, but sometimes I get the look that says “Again, servant!” and we make a few trips before you’re satisfied.  Thanks for helping Dad keep in shape.

If all else fails, I break out the secret weapon – my little finger.  You love to suck on it, even more than your pacifier.  It’s probably about the best thing that doesn’t actually give milk, and today, at the doctor’s office, I had to use it a lot.

You don’t like to be woke up before you are ready (I can’t wait to get you up for school several years from now), and you let us know that the appointment was not a good time for you, come back later, thank you.  Little did you know they would eventually prick your heel and squeeze enough blood for five different spot tests.

You screamed hard enough at that I was pretty sure you were going to go hoarse or I was going to go deaf, and it was just a race to see which happened first.  No finger or soothing voice was enough to make it better; it was so bad, it even took a little bit before you settled down enough to eat.  We promise we won’t take you back to that place for at least two weeks.

You’re getting stronger every day; you’ll kick and push off anything held close to your feet, and you can hold your head up when we sit you up for several seconds at a time.  That doesn’t mean you control where your head falls when it does, and last night you head-butted with your forehead right in my mouth while I was burping you.  Around a couple of small cries, you looked at me like I should watch out a little bit more, when I should say to you learn to manage yourself a little better.

You sleep pretty much anywhere when you’re wrapped up tight, but your getting better and better at kicking out of even our best wrapping.  There are many mornings that I find you waking up with two little hands wrapped over the top of the blanket and eyes saying “I beat you, now come get me.  And bring food!”

Overall, you’ve been a wonderful baby.  We’ve had a couple rough nights and one bad day, but you’ve handled all the visitors and new experiences wonderfully.  We’re looking forward to the day when you will lock eyes with us and start to respond a little bit more.  The little person in you seems quite interesting, and I guess we’ll keep you around to find out.

Love, Dad