breathe, it's a weekend

I went back to work the second half of this week and I never realized how busy things would be in the evenings after I got home.  All of a sudden it was 11pm and I was planning on getting up early in the morning and we were still working on getting Brooklynn down for the night.  Today, we all had a relaxing day.  I slept for almost 10 hours last night, we took a nap this afternoon, and generally rested. Resting is serious business around our house these days.  See just how serious we are...

Serious Face

No, those aren't my hands.  My parents, the other grandma and grandpa, are here visiting.  I think it's great that our family from out of state has been able to come to visit so soon.  She's not even two weeks old and has already seen all four grandparents, seven aunts and uncles, one second cousin, and one great-grandpa.  We think my grandparents will stop by later this week.

As much as I don't enjoy going to work right now with her at home, it's nice to have some family around to know that Rhiannon isn't all alone.  I mean, sometimes Brooklynn just needs someone to cuddle up with, and I guess that's what grandpas are good for.

Sleeping with Grandpa

I added a link in our sidebar to the flickr page I have set up for Brooklynn - right now it's organized week by week.  I'm putting up more pictures than I can include on a daily basis on the main pages here, so to get your full picture fill, check it out.