one of those days

Not Happy Just after we get done telling everyone what a wonderful baby Brooklynn has been, we have a day like yesterday.  The doctor said she still doesn't have a good sense of night and day yet, and it showed.  Rhiannon was up for most of the night with a wide awake baby, not crying or fussy or anything.  Just awake.

I got up with her around 5:30 in the morning and she hung out with me while I ate breakfast and got my food ready before work.  She just kicked and watched from her stroller, content as could be.  I guess if I had people wait on my every need, I might be pretty content as well.

But yesterday during the daytime it did not go so well.  She woke up at 9:30 to eat, which is pretty much standard every time she wakes up after sleeping for a few hours.  And then she did not go back to sleep.  Which, hooray, because we like spending time with our happy baby when she is alert and it isn't the middle of the night.

And then she still did not go back to sleep.  Not with more food.  Not with burping.  Not with rocking.  Not with a fox, not in a box, and not even with a side of green eggs and ham. Not with laying quietly by herself, because there was no quiet available.  We were fresh out of quiet but fully stocked with whimpers, squawks, cries, and screams.  And when I say we, I mean Rhiannon and Brooklynn, because I was at work a missed out on all the fun.

After about 6 hours awake with 30 minutes of sleep sprinkled, she crashed ten minutes before I got home.  What can I say but that I have great timing?  Rhiannon also crashed on the couch for a while.  In the evening, I got a small taste of the day with cranky baby, round 2.  Before I was really interested in children, I thought that crying babies were a little on the annoying side.  With Brooklynn, I'm not annoyed by her crying as much as I am deafened by it, especially when she wants to put her mouth right by my ear.

And in the end, everybody just gets worn out.  We're hoping this was her transition day to being awake more in the day and sleeping more at night.  She slept much better last night and so far today is going well.  Knock on some wood for us - we can't do yesterday all the time.