a life in the day

Today, we just hung out in the morning.  We have a crib and basinet upstairs, but nothing downstairs for Brooklynn to sleep in, so we started to use the basinet on the stroller we have.  While it is sturdy, if you put something in one side, is does lean a little bit.  This means a baby put on one side will lay slightly downhill. She's been a little fussy over the past day, and she had just fallen asleep and been laid down when we noticed.  After careful consideration if it was safe to pick her up and move her to the other side or not, we just decided to counterbalance the stroller with whatever we had handy.  Like a melon.  At least we didn't leave the watermelon in.  That was a little overkill.


Eventually, she did wake up.  And we went outside.  I was working my way around the deck chairs when I realized that I was basically leading with her head in front of me.  Maybe I shouldn't do that in the dark.  Or around walls.  Or, ever.  I think she agrees.

Floating Baby

Brooklynn is much happier in her new watermelon dress (and safe with mom).  I don't think she really has a happy face right now, but you'll have to trust me that it's all good.

Watermelon Dress

And the former Baby-Who-Doesn't-Trust-Me, she just ignores me at this point.  I'll take it and hope my own daughter knows me a little better.

Just Ignores Baby Me