war on nature

No Release Candidate yet, and while we're waiting, the wildlife around the house is getting on Rhiannon's nerves. The rabbits, who have no natural predators, have taken a liking to her flower beds in the front of the house and seem to delight in biting off the buds.  Not to eat or anything, but just because.  The rabbits may have a natural predator in human form very soon if they aren't careful.

In the garden, birds have been taking our strawberries before they are ready to pick.  Wire cage over strawberry plants: check.

Finally, we had a small pillbug infestation in the garden.  While the name says bug, they are really crustaceans and they eat plants, and fast.  They like decomposing matter (mulch and compost in garden, yep got that) and damp conditions (it has seemed that we live in Seattle more than Denver as of late).  They also took out half the bean plants and a third of the marigolds in the garden before we got a handle on the situation.  Our local nursery suggested a bait that dries them out and kills them.  A few days later and everything is recovering nicely.

We like nature.  Really we do.

We just don't like when nature messes with our yard and we tend to fight back.  Nature better watch itself.