a little color

We finally finished Bet'a room this past weekend, which involved me painting while Rhiannon still sat in the room some of the time.  I'm not sure if that is any better than her having her face right up by the paint.  We figured at this point, Beta is pretty well formed in there and we weren't painting any entire walls, so it wasn't too bad. Circle Corner

The circles took me longer than I antcipated with the several layers of paint and drying time required, and I'm pretty sure that a new baby won't full appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this room, but I've spent a fair amount of time just sitting in there a looking at the completed project.  (Beta, we think we're ready; feel free to join us at any time.)

BetasRoom-8 BetasRoom-2 Circles In Progress

We painted the bookshelf with the same white and pink that went into the circles, and while it took us a little over a week to actually finish the project, during which time I had to open the garage door and walk outside the garage to the side door just to get the lawn mower out, it was better than putting the plain dark shelf in.


So, we'll continue the waiting game I suppose.  Every day we wait is a day longer that Rhiannon gets maternity leave on the other end, but it feels a little like waiting for Christmas morning without actually knowing what night Santa might come.

That is, of course, only if Santa leaves a present that requires almost constant care and cries sometimes for no apparent reason.  And even though it seems like I should want to wait as long as possible, I feel like a pretty impatient person right now.

Rhiannon agrees that we could stand to be done with the pregnancy aspect, although I think her interests also have something to do with the ever increasing freeloader she's carrying around with her all the time.