project family 2.9.36b

If you've been keeping track of the titles of these biweekly updates, you'll notice that the version number has gone from 2.1.xxb to 2.9.xxb.  I think that the change properly reflects how close we are to going to a full-blown status project family 3.0. While the picture is from the 36th week, my delay in getting this up has carried us well past the 37 week barrier, which is also considered full term for pregnancies.  As in, if labor starts, the doctor isn't going to stop it.  As in, one of Rhiannon's coworkers recently had a baby at 38 weeks.  As in, Beta is really more a release candidate / final build version than a beta at this point.  As in we could have a baby way too fast.

Yeah, a little late for that now, isn't it?

Week 36

Not to say that I don't want Beta to come visit.  I know she's still in the incubator getting that last honey-baked flavoring and all, but she's been in there a long time now and I'm not a patient person.

But then, there is still so much to do.  We have paint cans sitting in the nursery, and there are painting touchups to be done, and I'm not going to go in to the status of the basement other than to say Rhiannon has had to make more phone calls to me at work about it than I care to count.

This past weekend, we did an afternoon out walking around Babies'R'Us and the baby section of Target to finish purchasing what we naively think we need.  We've read lists on the internet and we've had plenty of suggestions from people who have kids, people who don't want kids, and people who have tried to give us their kids, but I'm certain as soon as we get the little one home, we'll figure something that should have staring-at-the-sun levels of blindingly obvious and I'll be the new dad standing in front of some lonely aisle trying to decide which size or pattern would be better.

But no, I'm not concerned about it.  About anything.  At all.  Ever.  Thanks for asking.

It isn't all work and no play around the house.  Last Thursday happened to be our 4th wedding anniversary, and if even if we had wanted to get out of the relationship, I guess it's a little too late for that now, isn't it?

In all seriousness, the past four years have seemed to fly by and I really can't complain about any single day.  Given that this will be our last anniversary or holiday as just a couple, we figured we should get out and celebrate while we still could.

We went out to a fondue restaurant that we ate at once before when we were still dating (and it's still around, so it must be decent) and spent over two hours winding our way through a four course meal (finishing with an en flambé chocolate and marshmallow fondue with strawberries, brownies, rice krispie bars, and cheesecake - all calorie free I'm sure) before waddling out of there.

We stopped by a home improvement store on the way home to walk a little of the dinner off and pick up a light for the basement.  We may have been a little over-dressed for that type of establishment - Rhiannon was wearing a formal black maternity dress that she had picked up for a wedding reception and I put on my black suit jacket.  An older man working there asked us if we were going out and we told him we had been out and we on our way home.

He asked if this would be our first child, and upon hearing that it was, he said go out as much as you can now while you still can.  I love hearing that type of advice that makes it sounds like your life ends with kids.  It's still amazing that the human race has managed to survive as long as it has, what with the horrors of child creation and rearing.

Still, as long as Rhiannon and I are together, I guess things won't be too bad.

Year 4 and still happy