that's some serious edging

Lawn Edging Along with overseeing project guestroom in the basement, we have our own list of home projects to tackle and check off the to-do list before Beta comes.  For the first time in the past 8 weeks, we had a Saturday free from rain or snow, and most of Sunday was decent as well, so we got some of the outside work done.

One of these projects was edging our front lawn along the sidewalk.  We live on a hill that slopes toward the front of the house, so the soil creeps over a period of time.  I can’t speak for the previous homeowners, but we have never fought back the grass or prevented its slow march along with gravity.

We may have patches in the lawn that are thing or a little brown, but we can grow grass on top of concrete like nobody’s business.  Three inches worth of thick healthy grass and sod extended over the sidewalk – just a little more than our string trimmer “with edging capabilities” could handle.

We got a real electric edger and I make some sparks repeatedly running the blade into the sidewalk, mostly because I had no idea where the sidewalk might be. At one point, I told Rhiannon not to stand in front of the edger while I was using it because the instruction manual said to clear at least 100 feet because of possible dangerous projectiles.  It this machine great or what?  As I used it in short and flip-flops, I realized I neglected to heed the section where it recommends eye protection, boots, and long pants, but I was really just trying to make sure Beta didn't get scared by the noise.

Our neighbor came home about the time I finished pulling an eight foot chunk away from the lawn and commented that it looked good and said something about how ambitious we always seemed to be, especially with Rhiannon being pregnant and all.

I don’t know that I call it being ambitious – I just like a good excuse to play with power tools in the dirt.