bottoms up indeed

As far as the doctor is concerned, we have a bottoms up baby. One night this past weekend, the top of Rhiannon's abdomen was rock hard the entire way across, which I think was Beta, all of her, turning sideways up high.  Or she was putting up shelving and making herself feel at home.  Frankly, I'm just not sure anymore.  I do know that the round lump that I thought felt distinctly head like is gone and a squarish mass (hips and butt?) has taken its place.

So, it seems like we are on track for a normally scheduled birth sometime over the next month.  At this point, as Rhiannon approaches 36 weeks, we can start replying "The 27th" when someone asks when the baby is due with no month qualifier needed, because June 27th is the next 27th and I hope that no one thinks Rhiannon is more than a month away at this point.  Beta has shifted down, not to the point that I would call it lightening just yet, but noticeably from just a week ago.

I guess gravity will tend to pull on things that weight six plus pounds and are gaining weight at somewhere north of a half pound of pure fat a week.  If only I could go back to a stage in my life where putting on mass like that would be considered a good thing.  It would make my love of caramel and doughnuts a whole lot easier.