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Week34 Another two weeks down since the last official picture update, and I’m sure some of you will be happy to know that yes, Rhiannon does have herself another color of maternity clothing other than blue.

We’ve just hit the first legitimately warm summer-like days this year, and I think this makes both of us thankful that Beta will not be in-incubator for July and August. Apparently five pound cantaloupe equivalents (if you read the week-by-week accounts of pregnancy) that squirm around a lot generate a little heat while they are working on fattening up.

Along with tracking a baby’s size in common fruit equivalents, the weekly update style guides also like to talk about what the baby should be up to, like hiccupping. Check. Personally, I think it’s kind of interesting, what with the small, consistent, rhythmical jerking motion that happens every few seconds and can last for several minutes. If the jerking cantaloupe was inside of me, maybe I wouldn’t be nearly as fascinated, especially when trying to sleep.

We also witnessed Beta’s best attempt at a jailbreak to date this past weekend. If a baby could claw her way out before delivery, I’m pretty sure that was the effort. We have noticed that Rhiannon is lopsided or cone shaped pretty often, particularly when lying down, and it isn’t so much of a “Where’s Beta?” as it is a “BETA, GET BACK IN THERE!” type of occurrence.

We’ll be taking her fifth and sixth plane flights over the coming weekend, and while the first four were fine, this is the first time that Rhiannon has been far enough along she actually got a note from her doctor saying she is allowed to fly. Apparently something about airlines not letting people fly around their due date because they want the same number of people to get off the plane as got on it.

At the appointment today where Rhiannon got her note, she also talked with the doctor about being breech. I think Beta is head up, the doctor seemed to think she’s head down, and Rhiannon just doesn’t know anymore. Whatever the case, the doctor says there is still plenty of room for Rhiannon to keep getting bigger.

And that might be the scariest news either of us has heard in a while.