project family: for reals yo

A few days ago, Rhiannon tried out the newish coffee/tea maker at school.  I’m not sure exactly how it works, but it seems like it makes some decent coffee.  I know that Rhiannon has been avoiding it so far, because neither of us drink coffee and she tries to stay away from excess caffeine if she can help it. Yes, the doctor said it is fine to have a cup once in a while, especially in the third trimester where it is more about accumulating baby fat rather than the enormous amount of development that was taking place in the early weeks.

So, coffee away, right?  Especially good coffee with sugar.  Well, this shot of coffee was probably the strongest caffeinated item she’s had in 7 or so months.  Caffeine and sugar in a highly concentrated dose.

Beta likes her some caffeine a sugar.  Normally she sticks to the whole kicks when Rhiannon sits still and chills out to the motion of walking around.  The report was twenty minutes of uninterrupted and spirited dancing, no subwoofer required.

Girl, we know you’re in there.  I can find your head within a few seconds of feeling around (note: if I can feel your head and you don’t like it, take the hint and flip around – bottoms up already!) and you aren’t exactly low-profile when you get going.

(See: the dancing book phenomenon - Rhiannon puts a largish hardcover book on her belly while she lays on her back and then we watch the book dance.  I don’t think Beta likes things pushing on her in there.)

So, Beta, cut your mother some slack already.  And we’ll work on lowering your caffeine intake to levels appropriate for 5 pound people with slow metabolisms.

In other unreported news, we went to a childbirth class a couple weeks ago.  Having no interest in the 4 weeks of class for 3 hours, we went with the compressed version and did it all in one day.

I’m not really sure if that was the way to go or not.  It was nice in the fact it was over and done with, but it was a bit overwhelming, what with the three different videos depicting different types of births.  Rhiannon and I both agree that babies are pretty gross right when they’re born and I have very little interest in playing centerfield and catching any slippery and slim-covered babies anyway, so why would I want to see it on a huge projected screen right in front of me?

There was some good stuff in the class (like the magazine samples with free diapers), and we did get to take a tour of the hospital (Beta – I want to be in the one of the cool birth rooms, BOTTOMS UP RIGHT NOW.), but there wasn’t really too much in there that you can’t learn of the internet.  Because, after all, the interweb knows everything.

Also, the internet knows every side of every topic, because for everyone who boldly proclaims that they drank 17 and one-third cups of coffee every day of their pregnancy and their little preshus-weshus is the smartest baby ever because, look, she just smiled and she’s only 3 days old!!, there is someone else who will say the aforementioned child will grow up to be an ADHD stricken absolute terror while their own bundle of joy will be perfection incarnate, because, not only did she not consume one ounce of any caffeine containing substance, her husband was also banned from setting foot in a coffee shop lest the second-hand caffeine smell wreak havoc in their incubating future Einstien.

Or something like that.

My advice (not that you asked for it) – go to the class, but take something with access to the internet so you can totally surf the hospital’s free wifi access, get the free stuff, get a couple useful pieces of advice that maybe you didn’t already know, and supplement your knowledge with some internet research.

Just ignore the crazies.  And when it comes to pregnancy, it seems like most people are crazy to some degree.  Maybe you’re better off on your own.  After all the human race has survived for thousands of years without Lamaze or the internet, and we’re all here, right?  Whatever you do, don’t let the crazy get you – I hear there is no going back.

(Do I smell too much like coffee to you?  That’s what I thought.  Hold on, let me go change really quick.)