announcing: stop looking up

I’ve been published! Ok, self published.

In only took the better part of year, 3 different software packages, and 4 distinct workflows to find something that clicked.

And all of the time and effort that I spent off and on over the past 10 months?

I threw it out and started over.  Finished it about a week’s worth of work.  And I’m much happier with the final product than anything I had before.

Moral of the story: workflow matters.  And there is something really satisfying about finally finishing a project like this.  I’ll throw up some pictures of the photo book when I have it in my possession.

We plan to have a copy of the book with us over Memorial Day weekend, so if you’re going where we’re going, you can gaze in awe at my accomplishment.

Or you can flip through a few pages and check out some of the pictures.  Whichever seems more appropriate.  I was up until a little past midnight last night putting on the finishing touches, so I might still be napping 10 days from now.  I’ll just prop the book up on my shoulder – feel free to take a look.

Along with having a keepsake of our trip to New York and Boston last summer, we are also considering making books like this for Beta instead of scrapbooking.  Rhiannon is about halfway through her junior year of college last I checked, so she has a little catching up to do.  Maybe a printed photo book doesn't have the same handmade feel that an honest-to-goodness scrapbook does, but anything that can be scanned or have a picture taken can go in it, just like the homemade version.

Really, it just comes down to whatever way actually gets it done.  Preferably less than a year behind schedule.  I guess we both have a little work to do in that department.  Not that our lives and every waking minute will be consumed by a small person unable to communicate except through wailing anytime soon.