not like the good ol' days

We have a small landing in the stairs that lead up to second floor of the house, and two steps is a good height where Rhiannon's shoulders are above mine and I can reach around her legs and pick her up.  I use to do this every once in a while and then set her down on the floor level. I tried it today without really thinking about what I was doing.

Rhiannon: "What are you doing?"

Me: "I was trying to pick you up like I normally do."

Rhiannon: "You can't do that anymore.  Things are different."

Me: "What do you mean?  I'm strong enough to lift you up."

Rhiannon: "Yes, but I'm bumpier now than I used to be and it squishes Beta."

Me: "Oh." [talking to her belly] "Sorry, Beta."

Rhiannon: "What are you apologizing to her for? She probably thinks it's fun.  I'm the one that was hurt."

Beta is causing trouble between us already.  (And sorry, Rhiannon.)