i think i just got high-fived

If you happen to read websites about pregnancy or being pregnant or what to expect around any given week of the process (which I do, even though I’m not pregnant myself), most of them start to mention body-part bingo between weeks 30 and 32. For those of you who aren’t aware, body-part bingo is just the game where you watch the uneven lumps protrude from a pregnant belly and try to guess what baby body part they are.

We are so into body-part bingo.  As Beta continues to fatten up in the incubator, she is moving away from the ninja style punch and kick-fests we had just a few weeks ago to more of a roll-and-groove style of making her presence known.  This involves some undulating (especially to a good bass track) that makes a small head-shaped lump roll back and forth across Rhiannon’s stomach.  It has also earned her the latest nickname of Wiggle-Worm.

That may not seem flattering, but it’s got to be better than Little Stinker as the doctors are fond of calling her.

Because of the head-across-the-belly encounters, we are still reasonably sure that Beta is head-up, or breech.  She has about five weeks to get this situation corrected before we start seriously looking at options to move her or go in after her.

Neither of those options is particularly attractive in my mind, so we’ll continue our “Bottoms Up” toasting and hope that she’s smart enough flip around on her own.  Or if Rhiannon is feeling adventurous some evening, we’ll search google for different things to try to flip a breech baby.  Really, do the search yourself.  It’s entertaining.