bottoms up

Rhiannon’s blood pressure has been high, at least during the first 3 minutes of every doctor appointment she’s had, so her physician suggested that we get a home blood pressure cuff and started her on a low dose of “pregnancy safe” blood pressure medication. We got the cuff and started checking her blood pressure at home.  Results (before going on medication) were normal, normal, a little lower than normal, normal and so on.  And the one day she took the medicine, she was light-headed and lethargic.  We talked to her doctor about it and she’s not taking the medicine right now at least until the next checkup next week.

The bonus of the high blood pressure issue / non-issue?  Another ultrasound to check placental flow and fetal development.  Which, who really cares, right?  I was just excited to see more pictures of Beta.  And yes, to confirm she is, in fact, a girl.  Really, the nursery closet has four outfits, all of which are mainly pink.  Let’s just get it right to avoid the whole returns and exchanges fiasco that we would go through.

We had the first ultrasound done at 12 weeks, or about a lifetime ago in fetus years.  At that time, it was Beta floating in a big black ocean (or a small uterus with an even smaller baby, if you want to be realistic).  Even at 18 weeks, we could get a good overall picture of most of her body all at once.

Now, if she chooses to cooperate and hold still she fills up the entire ultrasound screen and then some.  We’re in the big enough to move around but small enough to still have room to move in there, and Rhiannon’s commented a few time that she feels like she has a 24/7 jungle gym attached to her.

We did see that Beta is breech, so we now we can tell her “Bottoms up!”, which will be cute until we wonder why she suddenly develops an unexplained drinking problem later in life.  Last night, while we getting ready for bed, Beta was dancing around as she likes to do these days.  I had my hand around Rhiannon’s belly button and felt a distinctly spherical lump pushing out a few times.

I was head-butted by my unborn child.  It was exciting to realize what I was feeling and a little terrifying to get a good concept of just how small she still is in there.  The ultrasound put her at 3.16 pounds and one day ahead of her predicted due date.

The best thing we heard or felt all day? The ultrasound doctor saying, “This baby looks excellent.”  Good work, Beta.  Keep it up.

(And, I guess, good job Rhiannon.  I’m the only one who is a bystander.)