project family v2.1.28b

Week 28 So, since we just passed week 29 yesterday, I figured that it was high time I got week 28 posted.  I've been informed that I'm not really doing a good enough job of keeping this website updated, so I'm doing what I can.  Better late than never, right? (Yes, Tricia, I do take hints).

Not that we've had anything happen to really talk about lately, like a trip to Minnesota (that did happen without any hint of snow), the Blizzard of 2009!! OMG!! (at least according to the local weather forcasters), the start of our basement finishing (requiring a complete cleaning of the basement / storage area.  Yeah, nothing has really even been happening for us recently.

Beta is still kicking, literally, and sprinkling in some somesaults and elbows in for good measure.  All things considered, Rhiannon still feels good, is sleeping well, and only needs a little help to get out of our couches.  We both realize it will get worse before it gets better...