get while the getting is good

In less than 24 hours, Denver is supposed to get it’s fourth day with snow in the past nine days.  This comes after spending what seems like the majority of February and March in with days above 50 degrees. In less than 24 hours, we are supposed to be on our way to Minneapolis.  This is the one weekend Rhiannon and I are traveling together between New Year’s Eve and Memorial Day this year.

This morning, the weather forecaster on TV was excited with the news of, “Tomorrow morning at this time, we could be in another blizzard!”  Our timing is bad.

Assuming everything is running on schedule and we do indeed fly out tomorrow morning as planned, we will be gone for all of about 36 hours.  Back when we bought the tickets, it sounded like a great plan.  We save a night of hotel costs and we don’t have to frantically rush out to the airport after work while worrying about traffic and whether or not to take the toll-road.

Our plane boards at 6:15am.  Right now, I kind of feel like rushing and taking the toll road.  We need to be on the road almost as early as I get up for a normal day at work.  That does not make for a relaxing start to the day, especially a weekend day.

Many people have told us to sleep now while we can before the baby is born, and for the most part, we have taken that advice to heart.  Nine to ten hours of non-alarm interrupted sleep has become somewhat commonplace over the past month.

Rhiannon is already planning on sleeping on the plane.  And in the rental car on our drive out of the city.  And maybe taking a nap before we go the wedding reception.  I’m just going to try and stay awake on the plane to make sure we get off at the right stop.