the benefits of being a heavy drinker

Oh, you thought I might have meant alcohol... I drink water at work.  Most people would say I have a lot of water.  A gallon in a 10 hour work-day is not uncommon.

There are a few drawbacks - I'm used to drinking quite a bit and I feel it when I don't, like over the weekends.  Also, a two-hour meeting that doesn't have a convienient bathroom break in it somewhere can get interesting.

But drinking a lot has its positives  as well, like when H.R. pulls your name for the random drug test.  There was a conference room full of people downstairs sitting around drinking coffee, water, and tea until they thought they were ready for the test.  Me? I just signed in, "tested" and was out in five minutes.

Really, I'm just trying to make the pregnant lady I live with not feel so bad for having to go to the bathroom often.