just a little more for good measure

Blue We are getting dangerously close to 3 months to Beta's due date, and all of those tasks that we put on the "to get done before the baby list" are becoming a little more urgent.  So the weekend work continues.  I said last time that we didn't have the fourth wall done.  It makes it easy to decide what to work on.

Corner Corner

We like color.  That much is obvious.  And colors in stripes too!  Our weather has been nice enough that we actually left the windows open in the nursery all week long and it didn't really help at all.  Still smells like paint, which is somewhat expected since we just painted.

So if you've ever taken advice from the people behind the paint counter at a store like Home Depot, they will tell you that painting over a strong color should require a primer.  The orange and green paint would agree.  They would also say that if we had figured things out a little sooner, we could have masked off the stripe area rather than wasting paint that was just going to be painted over.

I would tell orange and green to watch it, or we'll stick you in the closet like we did to yellow.


Yeah, that's what I thought.