you actually plan on going out like that?

In a few weeks, Rhiannon and I will be in Minnesota for all of about 36 hours to go to a wedding reception.  And then, a few months from now, we'll have a graduation to attend.  Rhiannon thought that maybe she would think about getting a maternity dress to wear for those occasions, since Beta is starting to get in the way of many of her regular clothes. She's been looking online for a week or so and found  couple dresses she liked that were sold out in her size and couple dresses that might be cute in person.  When it comes to shopping the unknown, I agree that in person is always the way to go.  So today, we headed to the mall.  You know, the collection of all kinds of stores along with some big name-brand 3-story department stores guaranteed to have everything you want and then some.

Because, we live in Denver, which just had the Democratic National Convention last fall and likes to boast about how hip and upcoming it is.  We have one of the larger malls in the state near our house, so of course we can find a simple maternity dress, right?

"No, we never picked up a maternity line of clothing here."

"Yeah, it's on our website, but we don't carry that in the store."

"Um, I think that store over there might carry some."

Looking at about three racks of shirts that I don't think anyone should wear, ever. "This is it; yeah, it's kind of small."

We finally located the one specialized maternity clothing store in the mall (5 major department stores later) only to hear their selection is pretty picked over right now.  But they are suppose to get a shipment in early next week and they can order anything in for free.

So we returned home, empty-handed and with the feeling that most clothing stores think, "Don't pregnant women just wear some baggy T-shirts until they get put on bedrest for the last three months anyway?"