the bag has released the cat…

… or the cat is out of the bag, depending on how you like your colloquialisms. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say, now that all relevant parties are aware of this fact, that we think Beta is going to be a girl.  Let the avoidance dancing around gender specific pronouns cease.

I happen to have a mother-in-law who didn’t want to know what we were having, so Rhiannon and I decided to humor her.  We didn’t tell her.

We told pretty much everyone else that we could think of that would see her on a regular basis, but we were not the ones who slipped up.  As it turns out (and as I have been told), it was mostly due to a three-year old granddaughter, which works out well because it’s hard to be mad a small child for not really understanding the difference between a new baby sister and a new baby girl cousin when all she knows is that the little boy in their house is a brother.

We have colors picked out for the nursery after a late night trip to Home Depot.  We’ve had colors picked out for a few months now and chose new ones last night.  Blue, green, yellow, and orange.

Yes, girl’s room with blue and without pink.

I figure any child of mine is going to have some issues as they grow up; I might as well get started early.