a look into our subconscious mind

Rhiannon and I both had dreams last night that we remembered enough about this morning to share stories.  In my dream, we were on a road trip without any maps through another country.  All I knew was the highway numbers we were suppose to take.  It got foggy so I decided to go different way and we got lost.  I have no what the significance of this is. Rhiannon had a dream that I was letting Beta lay on the very edge of the table while we were eating supper and she was telling me I would be in trouble if the baby fell off onto the floor.  Basically, I let it go until Beta did indeed fall off, except I caught the little bundle before impact with the ground could occur.

My reaction this morning was that I was pretty awesome in both dreams and Rhiannon’s thoughts were more along the lines that she would probably try to physically harm me in both situations.

I don’t normally put much stock in dreams having any significance in the real world.  I don’t call radio shows to find out what it all means.  I’d say this is probably a good thing, since neither of these situations could really be interpreted to be a great situation for me in the future.