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Beta is growing. After going almost 21 weeks without feeling anything (take that pregnancy books who claim kicking should kick in around week 16), this baby is making up for lost time. We've fallen into a reasonably consistent routine of a kickfest right about the time we're trying to go to sleep. Rhiannon lays down in bed and the internal bumping begins. The first couple of days, I hurried over to feel a little bit, and every time I put my hand there, the kicking quickly tapered off.

We thought that maybe I was a calming influence.

We really have no idea anymore. The sessions still occur pretty regularly, but they are getting longer and continue regardless of what I or Rhiannon do. Beta is suppose to be about 12 inches long at this point. I'm not sure how much room Rhiannon has left inside, so I guess the easiest option is to grow out. Maybe that's what all the kicking is about, kind of a way to stretch things out little by little one day at a time.

Week 22