just trying to find my way

Back in 2006, before we moved into our current house, I was doing quite a bit of running inside on a treadmill and I actually was decent at it.  When we moved, the nearest workout facility was no long a few hundred yards away so I didn’t run inside as much.  I did run outside during that summer and I enjoyed exploring the neighborhood a little bit.  I established some common running loops and mostly stuck to what I was familiar with. And then it turned to winter time and running outside didn’t mix with snow, so I stopped.

The news that a new addition to the family is on the way kind of put my personal priorities back in a new perspective and I wanted to get in a little better shape and fitness level, so I’ve been running consistently again for about the last month.  I know about what size a newborn is and they’re around the same approximate volume of the rabbits that live in the area.  Those rabbits are fast, so I figure I better work on my speed and endurance if I expect to keep up with Beta right away.

A few years back, during my longer runs, I would normally head to the local high school track and do laps there.  Running outside has the benefit of changing scenery, but running laps on a track sort of negates this.  “Look, a mountain over there” and “Now, a hill in the other direction” get kind of redundant after 12 times.  So I’ve been doing a little more exploring and less sticking to one set path.

I normally look at a map online before I head out and pick out where to run so I’m not just blindly headed out.  I also like to run loops and tend to avoid the major roads that we normally drive on, so I don’t come back home the same way I left and I’m on paths and streets that I’m not entirely familiar with, but I always get back home.

Some nights, it just takes me a little longer than I planned.

Last night, I had my loop all set and I was over halfway through and running along a new street.  All I know is that I needed to turn right a couple of times and I would get to the familiar road to start heading back.  So I turned right on a road that didn’t look like I expected, but then, I had never run this way before.  And I crossed a sidewalk path in between the houses…  That was definitely not in the intended route.

I think somewhere past a half hour of running, the majority of the blood in your body is being used to power your legs and arms and anything really not involving your brain, because I just kept on going.  I mean, I was an Eagle Scout; I couldn’t really be lost a few miles away from my house.

The next turn was left only.  Right (the right way to go) was nowhere to be found.  Now, I could have backtracked at this point very easily and still had about my planned distance back home, but (note the lack of decision making skills in play here) I kept on going.

Eventually, I came to a fork in the road and guessed a direction.  I didn’t know exactly where I was or what direction I was facing.  I guessed right.  The other way would have taken me farther from the house and into the next subdivision development.

This, from the person responsible for two teenagers in New York.  Either I was lucky then or I’m losing it now.  Neither scenario is very comforting.  Sorry Beta, but your dad might have to sit the next 18 years out.