Project Family 2.1.18b

We had the ultrasound, and everything looked great. Beta has one head, two arms, and two legs, as expected. Beta was also referred to as wild within the first 15 seconds of starting and called stubborn by the head doctor when he did his review. Apparently there is a low small corner nestled down inside Rhiannon (and yes, that’s really strange to consider) and it’s comfortable, and no, I would not like to come out and move around for the strange people who violently prod at me, thank you very much.

In addition to correct number of appendages and torsos, there are well formed internal organs, a working four chambered heart, complete with blood vessels and all, and the correct spacing around the brain and head. Also, size and weight are right at normal – we measured one day away from the projected due date. Or at least, that’s what the doctors told us. I will take their word for it, because I saw the heart, limbs, and head on my own. (Please, hold your applause.)

Yes, we have pictures. Frankly, I thought Beta looked a lot more baby-like the last time at 12 weeks than yesterday at 18 weeks and some odd days. Yesterday was more of a skeleton looking child, which is a) normal at this stage and b) a good excuse for Rhiannon to indulge in some more of the finer things in life, like chocolate-covered strawberries, because, they’re so totally just for the baby, right?

Anyway, we were both in a great mood after the checkup (and dinner out and walk around Babies’R’Us for an early look at baby accessories) that Rhiannon let me take a picture to document the progress.

18 Weeks

Sometime just before last weekend, her belly popped out, kind of overnight ninja-style. All of a sudden, it just was. Apparently Beta needs some room in there.

(But, compared some of the women walking around the baby store, Rhiannon’s still pretty trim and slim. I think a couple of them must have been due last week sometime. Speaking of, a woman had a baby in the Denver Public Library yesterday. Add that to the list of places we will not be visiting around the end of June.)

And, finally, we do know if Beta is a boy or girl, but last I heard, a certain member of the family didn’t want to know; you may have noticed the lack of personal pronouns in this post. (And have fun trying not to find out when your own daughters already know – I could never tape a football game to watch a day late without finding out the score. Good luck lasting 5 more months.)