A few random items from the week: -On Tuesday we celebrated my birthday by going out to a new restaurant near our house.  Rhiannon had a hamburger and didn't drown it in ketchup.  Seriously, this whole pregnancy thing is starting to affect her more than I anticipated.  She thinks that it was the first hamburger she has ever had a restaraunt of any kind (fast-food, sit-down, etc.) in her life.  I'm starting to get worried.

-We will have our wedding anniversary about 3 weeks before the due date.  We are quickly running out of the "last" of things before we have a kid.  Birthdays and major holidays are done.

-To the guy driving behind me on my way home the other day completely rocking out with drumsticks on his steering wheel: it looked like you were really enjoying yourself.  Thanks for putting them away when traffic was moving.  And be careful about using the rearview mirror as a crash cymbal - I don't know how firmly those are attached.

-I will temporarily stop complaining about it being cold here when it gets below freezing.  I heard of -40 degree temps on some mornings north of us.

-I think it's time I removed all the Christmas music from my iPod so it stops coming up all the time when I put music on shuffle.  I'll be sure to get to this as soon as we take our Christmas tree down.  We didn't really decorate much for Christmas this year, so I think we're just making what we did accomplish last a little while.

-Within our house, I've questioned the need to continue to celbrate birthdays past the age of 25.  If Rhiannon continues to make cakes for mine, I guess I'll let the tradition stay alive.  Especially when the cake involves caramel in some way.

-The next time we make pulled pork, we're going to make less of it.  We made a 5 pound roast last Sunday in a crock pot.  It was great.  And better yet, we had leftovers for lunch.  Every... single... lunch this week.  Was it our decision to eat it over and over?  Yes, it was my decision not to make anything else.  Was it the wrong choice?  I think so.