we can hear it, it sounds... tiny

Rhiannon went in for another 4-week prenatal visit on Monday this week.  I didn't attend, because it was suppose to be pretty routine and non-earth shattering.  About the only thing we do know is that she must get stressed out by the doctor's office, because her blood pressure was up there again. Like, 40 points higher than normal up there.  The thing is, we had this issue before Christmas.  She had high blood pressure at the doctor's office, so they told us to check it a few times at a pharmacy and over Christmas break.  We went into a grocery store.

Normal pressure.

We had Tricia check it around Christmas.

Normal pressure.

But go in to see the people who actually care about those numbers and, well, whatever happens at least seems to be consistent.  By the end of the checkup, she was getting halfway back to normal levels at least.

And there was confirmation again of a second hearbeat eminating from inside.  The doppler could even pick up the seperate beats of the ventricles giving off the distinctive "ba-bum" of a beating heart.  I wasn't there, so I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but I guess it also picked up the sound of the baby moving around.

We're getting to the point that Rhiannon should be able to feel something moving over the next few weeks.  We're also thinking about shopping for more sensible shoes and more loose clothing.  For something less than a pound, the baby sure takes up some room.