open mouth to do what?

I had my one week post-op visit this morning, and after the hole incident and my complete crazy episode following surgery last week, it looks like I’m progressing right on schedule.  I had pizza earlier this week and then lasagna last night.  Yeah, I’m well on my way to big boy food… I can work out, chew what I want, and generally resume mostly normal life now.  My gums are supposed to be healed in about a week from now, and the sutures are starting to dissolve and fall out, which is also normal.

The one thing that is not recommended is having any difference in pressure between sinuses and mouth.  No blowing up balloons.  No drinking milkshakes or anything thick through a straw.  No hard blowing of the nose. And no coughing or sneezing with a closed mouth.

I’ve never been quite as aware of exactly how much I might cough or sneeze.  I have not coughed once in the last week.  I’ve sneezed exactly twice – once two days ago and once this morning.

Both times I was chewing something.

I’m still undecided if putting my hand over my mouth and catching what comes out is worse than just letting it go.  It isn’t really pleasant either way.

(Just a side note - if you are reading this today or Saturday, check out the full moon.  It is the closest the moon gets to earth, and can be up to 14% bigger than other times. [MSN Article]