small bite, chew, rest, repeat

Solid food is good.  Chewing isn't as good, but it's worth it.  One can only take so much pudding and ice cream before sweets get to be too much (and yes, I did just say that there is such a thing as too much sweets). During the crazy that was last Friday, the whole that I mentioned felt huge.  And I'm pretty sure I felt it on Saturday morning while I was trying to eat some pudding for breakfast.  When we got to the dentist 20 miles later, no hole.  Plug nose, blow, nothing...

I guess the crazy finally wore off or a blood clot finally formed.  Either way, all seems good enough to last through the follow-up appoint this Friday.

I never really realized how much I appreciated food.  Real food.  Solid food.  Saturday was mostly soup, pudding, and ice cream.  I wasn't really that hungry anyway, maybe from the blood that was still oozing constantly in my mouth.

On Sunday, we moved up to kuchen bars and rice pudding.  And then, when things got really wild, I let some saltine crackers get soggy in my tomato soup.  And then I ate them.  If you've ever tried to chew soggy crackers with the front teeth in your mouth, I think you can sympathize with me.

I've been getting better daily, and I don't think I can complain too much.  The sockets are bleeding less each day and I haven't had excruciating pain anywhere.  I've been surprised at how much the lack of teeth has been aching over the past two days, but I guess that's why they invented painkillers.

Swelling was never too bad, which is why there never were pictures.  Really the worst thing that happened is my face looked a little full, kind of like I need to lay of the pudding for a while.  Funny how that happens.

Tonight, we did pizza.  And I ate it, except for the crust.  Slowly, and small bites at a time.  The one piece I ate took me about 20 minutes, and I'm pretty confident that it was about the best 20 minutes of my life.