more than a touch dumber already

I may have fallen asleep / passed out before I could post this earlier today, and reading it now, some 5 hours later, I wouldn't say that anything I wrote was quite factual.  I do seem to remember some of the surgery, but considering I don't really remember the drive home afterward, this may be a big hallucination. I have to go back in tomorrow morning - it seems that one of the upper teeth was farther into my sinuses than the surgeon noticed.  Right now, I can breathe through my mouth without opening my mouth - air goes through one of the holes into my sinuses and through my nose.  I'm really not suppose to do this on purpose, but it still happens once in a while.

And now, without further ado - me, about an hour after surgery.


I just got back from my wisdom teeth surgery and I think I a little dumber already.  My mouth a tounge feel like thare roughly the size of half of my head, which, thinking back to some of the pictures I have seen of myself, might not really be all that different than normal.

After a call early this morning, the appointment was moved up about 2 hours and then we waited for about a half hour to get in.  The place was great about it and gave me my pain prescription for free.

I had an general anaethetic and it wasn’t enough to completely know me out the point that I can’t rember anything.  I do remember accusing the doctor of pinning my tougne in the middle of my mouth.  I alo think that I hear dhte comment that my teech were solid and some took a couple of tried t get them out.

Even now, I can’t feel my bottom lip, tougnue, or chin.  It’s a little being too drunk and having all the tingly sensations consetrated in the lower half of my face.

Anyway, so afar, everything went very well, and aslide from the bloody, droopy smile I am displaying and the gausze on the spot where they game me an IV, I’m going great.  I remember what coming out of our knee replacement surgery was like, and this really doesn’t hold a candle.

I’m sure pics will becoming tomorrow, along the paing and ability to trype correctly , and maybe even proofreed, I hope I’m feeling ok.  I fee great right now.

This post brought to exactly as it was first typed – no edits or revisions.  I don’t’ know if I should be proudh or ashamed of this.  It might expose my complete over-reliane on spellchecked (I can see all the red underline sreaming at me, but just this one time, I will ignore them.)

More to come in the future…


If this is what people are like after their wisdom teeth come out, I can see where they got that name.  I'll let you know how things go in the future, hopefully when I'm sane and all there.