just when anything could go wrong...

...nothing does. Yep.  We left early from the house, thinking just maybe traffic might be bad.  It wasn't.  We hit one patch of slower traffic on the highways across town, but other than that, smooth sailing.  The regular long-term parking lot was full, but then, we knew it was full last night already.

They are putting in a new credit card recognition system at the overflow lot for testing.  Instead of having to keep track of a ticket for the entire time you are traveling, you can just swipe a card when you enter, swipe the same card when you leave, and it figures out how long you were there and how much you owe.  Amazing!  The things they can do these days...   although, if you consider the airport did lose disks containing about 10,000 people's credit card info from parking last year, maybe that isn't the best idea.

The parking lot was busy to the point where they had "flaggers" (their word, not mine) out directing traffic. This just means that things are efficient - everyone is at the same place and there were plenty of shuttles lined up and ready to go.

We checked in to our flight last night online and printed our boarding passes.  Since we are going carry-on only to avoid checked bag fees, there was no need to get in line for checking in bags.  And then, there was absolutely no line to get through security.  None.  If anything, the people checking IDs looked a little bored.

So, here we are.  We've killed some time, Rhiannon talked on her cell phone (who saw that one coming) and generally relaxed through the whole process.  I'd take this way over the alternative of rushing through at the last second, but I think we left a little of our vacation at home.