we have great timing

Rhiannon and I are traveling for Thanksgiving to see my parents, and we decided to go by air.  Somehow, two thousand plus miles seemed a little excessive for a long weekend. Luckily, we aren't alone in our plans.  We will be traveling on the busiest and second busiest travel days of the entire year.  Basically, I take this to mean get there early and expect to stand in line.  A lot.  I just hope that there are parking spots available.

With the changes to baggage fees, carry-on luggage restrictions, and the general hassle that is airports, I kind of dislike flying, especially when the destination is close enough to consider driving.  It's one thing when it's a business trip and the company pays for it, but personal travel is a pain and it costs dollars.

Still, we grin and make the best of it.  DIA does have free WiFi and charging stations.  Maybe when we get their well in advance and everything goes smoothly, I'll have to write somthing from the airport itself.  Yeah, I won't hold my breath either.