out-nerded, by my wife of all people

In our household, I am the nerd.  I am the one responsible for just making things work.  I am the one who plays with new tech gadgets, lusts after the latest computer to come out, reads instruction manuals, and figures out how to do cool things with the equipment we have.  I take the pictures.  I shoot the videos.  I write code to make websites.  I AM THE NERD.  KING OF THE HOUSE! (And I'm proud of it.)

I've never had any competition for this title.  Rhiannon shows some interest in what I do, like watching the TV shows that we miss and I download to our computer, or comenting on how nice the cable cabinet in the basement looks after I spent hours reconnecting and organizing rather than folding clothes like I said I would.  But I never thought I would see the day where I was blown away by something nerdy, a little campy, and a lot cool made in our house that I did not initiate.

Iron Dog from Chris&Rhiannon on Vimeo.

And the best (or worst) part of the whole thing?  She got paid to do this as part of some training classes on the iLife suite.  This is probably the first time I've ever been remotely jealous of her job.