vacancy (finally)

Yesterday, Rhiannon and I got something pretty monumental done. We washed, dried, folded, and put away our clothes.

I know it sounds like we must be slobs if washing clothes is a big deal (and maybe that's more true than I would like to publicly admit), but the washing and drying part isn't the problem.  It's more a matter of when we wash and dry clothes, which more and more often seems to be on Sunday evening when we realize we won't have enough clothes to wear for work the upcoming week if we don't.  While the clothes get clean, they don't exactly get put away while we are getting ready for bed on a Sunday night.

Luckily for us, man has invented the perfect solution to our dilemma.  It's called the guest bedroom.  In it there is a great, flat, clean surface where dry and clean clothes can be dumped.

Sometimes, when we're really motivated, we even separate the massive pile into manageable partitions, like socks, my t-shirts, Rhiannon's low cut tank tops and so on.

Sometimes, when we're really foolishly optimistic, we dump the clean clothes on our bed thinking that this will force us to put them away before we go to sleep for the night.  All it does is force us to put the clothes back into the laundry basket so we can dump them on the guest bed.

Usually, we end up with the last load of the clothes that went in the dryer as we were going to bed sitting there, the clothes that couldn't be dried hung on the drying rack and various chairs downstairs, the freshly dried and clean clothes sitting on the guest bed, the clothes that were worn but didn't need to be washed sitting on the dresser, and the clothes that we really don't ever wear put away neatly in the drawers and closets.

Am I proud of this? No. Did we make it work? Sort of.  It involved a lot of yelling in the morning along the lines of "Do you see my green tank top down there?" "No." "Well, where is it?" "How should I know where your clothes are?  I can barely keep track of my own socks."

Yesterday, along with the clothes we washed, I also put away the accumulation over the last month or so of all the rest of our clothes.  Thinking back, Rhiannon and I think the last time that happened all on the same day might have been before my parents came to visit, simply because that was the last time we needed the guest bedroom and the rest of the house clean all at the same time. (And no, that wasn't in mid-September, was it?)

The guest room is clean and open for business.  We have vacancy.  Personally, I'd act now - there's no telling how long this offer will be around.  Sadly, that's a very honest statement.