our civic duty

Rhiannon and I have already voted; we turned in our mail-in ballots to the local DMV office last Friday afternoon, mostly because I was going to be there anyway and I didn’t want to pay 59 cents each to actually mail the mail-in things. We sat down one evening and really gave the whole ballot some really thorough consideration, which means we flipped a coin during commercial breaks of our favorite TV show.  Honestly, we did fill out the ballots during a TV show, but we also read through the handy blue book of ballot issues that our local County Clerk and Recorder’s office sent out to registered households.  It did a good job of actually telling what the multiple amendments actually were trying to accomplish and pros and cons of every movement.  We did our best to consider every issue carefully, and I hope that other people do the same.

We have a little bit of a vested interest in a few of the local county initiatives that deal with public education funding since it directly affects on member of this household’s salary increases and job security in the near future. I know how long it took us to get through the ballot at home (over an hour) and I know how confusing the wording is without the little help book.  If I had only read the language of each amendment without understanding what the language meant, I think I would have voted differently on a few issues.

Luckily, there were a few areas where I felt confident in my vote.  Like the race between McCain and Obama for president.  Because there are only two choices - it’s easy right?

Ok, put Ralph Nader on the ballot, just to show the democratic process is open to everyone.  Oh wait, it really is...

Colorado Presidential Ballot 

Yep, 16 parties and candidates later.  I think Colorado may need to tighten up their requirements for getting your name on the ballot.  I guess it gives a voter who doesn’t like either of the major options a good level of choices.  For me, the choice was still already decided, but I did give some real consideration to the “HeartQuake ’08” candidate.

Or maybe I didn’t.