technology solved

A little over a month ago, Rhiannon and I made the decision to get a new high-def capable TV.  We had been saving up some money for it for a while, and since we do enjoy watching movies on the weekends and our weekly TV shows, it seemed like a justified expense for us. One thing we weren't interested in was upgrading our cable TV service to provide high-def programming.  I think we already pay them far too much, and I wasn't about to offer them more money so we can sit our couch more than we already do.  One of the first things we did when we got the TV was to pick up a cheap antenna, and we discovered that, while we can't get cell phone service in our house, we can pick up broadcast TV pretty well.

We get everything we normally watch for free over the air, so, on Thursday, I turned in our digital cable box.  On Friday, when I got home, we had no internet connection.  In my book, this qualifies as suspicious. When called tech support (standing out on the street because we don't get cell phone service in the house...), they suggested that perhaps we had a bad connection due to expansion and contraction.  Right, on a 70 degree day, things shifted so much to take out our service.  The second tech support person I talked to agreed that it was interesting timing and set up the tech service appointment I mentioned yesterday.

When I explained the situation to the technician who showed up, he agreed that the timing was a little too convenient to be coincidence. He checked the cable in our basement - no signal.  He checked the incoming line on the outside box - no signal.  He left and came back a few minutes later.  Rather than setting a filter to take out the cable signals, the subcontractor just disconnected our service entirely.

It doesn't seem the cable company really wants our business.  Now if I can just figure out how to get the internet in the house without paying them for the business they don't want, I'll be set.  At least they have competent people in the customer service and house call department.  I certainly wasn't looking forward to having to go out to post this today with no internet service at the house.