this is why we're not outdoorsy people

It’s been a little warmer than usual for September as of late, and we’ve had days in the mid to high 80s with strong sun.  I’m not going to complain about this weather, but it has made the house get warmer than expected.  Luckily, unlike July, it cools down in the evenings, so we aren’t faced with the decision to choose between running an air conditioner all night or opening windows to blow warm air into a warm house. We open up windows and it cools down nicely.  I was doing a few last minute things on the computer before we went to bed when Rhiannon called me into the room.

“There’s a bug on my arm and it flies, grab it.”

As I paused to look at the tiny beetle looking bug, it flew away onto the lamp.  Of course, bugs are attracted to light, right?  So I grabbed it from there and threw it in the trash.  One bug down, one happy wife – my day was looking pretty much wrapped up.

Until I heard, “They’re everywhere!”  Yep, same little bug, times about 57, crawling around on the ceiling. Now, right before you go to bed, in your bedroom, above the bed you’re planning on sleeping in is not the place you want to be spraying bug killer.  The whole “Do not inhale” warnings and the thought of dead bugs slowly dropping down onto you in the dark doesn’t make for a good counting sheep substitute.

Luckily, we’re resourceful and we also happen to keep the vacuum cleaner in the upstairs spare bedroom closet.

Those bugs never stood a chance.

In case you’re wondering how I got the 57 stated above, that’s how many bugs I sucked up off the ceiling (or would that be sucked down…?)  The best I can figure, the tiny beetle things were smaller than the openings on our window screen.  Comforting, right?

Before I turned off the lights, I asked Rhiannon if I got them all.  She told me from her cowering position under the covers that she didn’t see any and to turn off the light before she found more.

Last night, there were a few more on the ceiling.  At this rate, we’ll have mosquito netting draped over the bed before the week is out.