helpful hints

I was cold yesterday, and Rhiannon is off from school right now, so she made a big pot of chili to warm us up and have some leftovers around for the week. We were out of chili powder (no, I do not do a good job of replacing spices when we run out.  (Honey, we're pretty much out of cumin as well...)), but we did have ground cayenne pepper. And before you think that she replaced chili powder with cayenne pepper even up, she didn't. We both know that cayenne is quite a bit hotter.

After the chili last night, we also both know that if you value your taste buds, you will reduce by more than half when substituting cayenne powder for chili powder. (That's hint #1.)

I also now know that when a person is closing up a jar of cayenne pepper and their eye itches at the same time, it isn't wise to rub it right at that moment with a finger covered in red powder.