a day in the life

Positive: We skipped some of the Olympics last night and actually got some sleep last night. Negative: 5:00am is still a lot earlier than anyone should be getting up, regardless of how much sleep one gets.

Positive: Keeping busy at work makes the day go by fast.

Negative: Last minute conference calls that come up at the end of the day always seem to run long and make me get out of the office a little later than I would like.  Traffic isn't fun later in the afternoon.

Positive: Rhiannon had parent-teacher conferences tonight, so it didn't matter that I was later getting home.

Negative: Um, parent-teacher conferences in August? I'm missing something.

Positive: I also had time to get a workout in after I got home. (See the not getting up in the morning to actually get a workout in before work.)

Negative: I was a little more ambitious than I should have been.  Wishing you could stop running and still being a mile away from the house isn't a good combination.

Positive: We finally got rain last weekend.  We've had more in the past 10 days than the previous three months.  The grass is green and growing.

Negative: The grass is green and growing. Mowing thick and long grass isn't the easiest with a push mower.

Positive: I'm sitting on the couch watching some Olympics (you didn't honestly think we'd stay away for the entire week) and going to bed.  Mmmmm, sleep.

In know, for two people in their mid-20s, we lead exciting lives.