olympic-sized sleep deprivation

In case you are living under a rock, there is a big international sporting competition going on right now.  Rhiannon and I like sports, we like TV, and as much as I talk about how we like to get outside while it’s nice, we like to sit on our couch. So, when you put five or six hours of new and different sports on TV every night, we will probably fall into a habit of watching at least a few of those hours of those commercialized mass-produced storybook type events.

I’m fully aware of the advertising and commercialism that goes into these “amateur” events.  At this point, I think I’m starting to hear Morgan Freeman narrating my dreams.  Plus, even though the Olympics are in China and 14 hours ahead of Mountain Time, they compete in the morning so America can watch live in prime time.

Except Denver doesn’t know what live means.  The coverage that starts at 8pm Eastern and 7pm Central starts at 7pm in Denver, which is really confusing considering that Denver isn’t in the Central Time Zone.  Denver decides they need to be more prime time than they are, so they delay everything at night by one hour.

It’s not just the Olympics.  Whenever there is a show with audience voting and the host says, “Don’t vote now, lines will open up at the end of the show”, lines are already open.

Normally, if a show is on too late, we don’t watch it.  But we do like the Olympics.  Last night, after it looked like the girls’ gymnastics team had no chance to win going into the final event, we didn’t think it would be worth staying up and watching.  So, we got on the computer and looked up the final results.

Unfortunately, neither of our work places has gotten the memo that it’s cool to be and hour late, so our alarms still go off at the same time they always have.  We just hit snooze a few times and say that tonight, we’ll get to bed early.  At least until more sports are on TV and we can’t resist.