when the best action would have been no action

One thing that Rhiannon has always been far superior to me in is reaction time.  She’s got the moves, I’ll give her that, but the thing that really separates us is the fact that I’m just a little on the slow side (or a lot, if you ask her). It’s not just her opinion.  It’s mine as well, and maybe at this point, my lack of reaction time is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I’ve never been a huge fan of reaction based games.  My analytical “let’s stop and think over our next move” style of play never gets too far in an “act now think later” type of game.  I have, in fact, been accused of cheating for trying to plan strategy several moves ahead.  And all this time I thought I was just being prudent in my strategy.

Regardless, I don’t often find times where I succeed in having quick reactions and executing any maneuvers with enough dexterity to brag about.  So, this morning, when I was prepping some food for the day and knocked a knife off the counter toward my unprotected food, I surprised myself.  Not only did I get my foot out of the way, I reached down and caught the knife cleanly before it hit the floor.

I caught it cleanly on the blade with the sharp edge running across my fingers.

I’m pretty sure it slid just a little in my hand as I closed on it, because it sliced open three out of the four fingers, including right across the joint of the my middle finger where the vein runs.

Rhiannon didn’t even laugh at me too much when I came upstairs to get her to help me put bandages on so I could go to work.  I think the blood pooling in my hand might have had something to do with that.

Way to go, quick reactions.  You picked a heck of a time to decide to kick in.