it's starting to get to us

As of today, Denver has had daily highs of at least 90 degrees for the past 15 days.  If the trend continues (and is forecasted to), then we will experience the longest recorded streak of 90+ degree highs in recorded history later this week. We like to get outside, but at some point, we wave the white flag and admit that the weather is just a little more than we want to deal with.  Yesterday morning, we were cleaning up a bit and house started to feel warm and stuffy, so we turned on the air conditioner.

Later, Rhiannon was sitting on the couch doing some work and she asked me to hand her a blanket.

“Are you cold?”

“Yes, that’s why I want a blanket.”

“It’s over 90 degrees outside, we have the air running, and you want to cover up?”

“Yes, I’m sitting by an air vent that’s blowing cold air.”

“Why don’t you move?”

“I’m comfortable where I am and I’d get warm if I got up.”

“Oh, well, I guess that makes sense then.”

Looking back, it doesn’t make any sense at all.  I think the heat is affecting both of our brains.