weekend excursion

Over the weekend, we took a few days off and traveled to Minnesota for Sara’s wedding. Here’s a helpful hint for ourselves when we select flights to take in the future: If a flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning, remember how long before that time you need to leave the house (about 2 hours).

Now think about how early that is.

Is it really worth it? That’s what I thought.

So after we left our house sometime before five in the morning, we did indeed make it to the plane and up to Minnesota. Along with wedding activities, we stayed with Sheena in her new house.

I got a chance to see some people that I met during Rhiannon’s college days for the first time in a few years. We had some good pizza, saw a minor league baseball game, Rhiannon got her nails done, we ate BBQ, attended a housewarming/engagement party, and went to a wedding and reception.

The wedding itself was really nice. Being married to one of the wedding party, I got the chance to hang around and take some photos. As I become more interested in photography, it’s interesting to watch professional photographers work. I don’t know that I would do things the same way this one did, but I think she probably got some great shots.

And the reception had good food, good music, and an open bar. With a slight lowering of inhibitions, Rhiannon and I hit the dance floor and hit it hard. After the flight home on Sunday and sitting still for 2 hours, we were both pretty sore.

Congrats, Jason and Sara.

Sara and Jason