keep on changing

Lately, it seems the more things change, the more they don’t get anywhere near back to normal.  Since we picked up Mike and Sarah back on June 4th, last week the first time it was just Rhiannon and I in the house for a standard 5 day week.  I’m not complaining, about the travel and visitors.  It really does make the time move by, but it will be nice to get back in to routine. It just won’t be happening this week.

We leave on Thursday for Minneapolis and a wedding.  With the recent engagements, it seems fitting that another member of our wedding party ties the knot.

Last fall, we drove to Minneapolis for a vacation, and Rhiannon tried on bridesmaids dresses and ordered one.  Ordered one that she did not fit into at the time with the idea that she would be a little smaller by the following summer and fit would no longer be an issue.

I’ve heard of people planning on this, saying the small dress would give them motivation, and it never seemed to work out well for anyone in the end.  There would be crash dieting two weeks beforehand and vain attempts to squeeze into an over-stressed garment at the last moment. Not a pretty picture.

Also, consider the fact in the past few months we’ve been several places not so conducive to weight loss such as Mexico (all you can eat buffet), Boston (pizza and pastry shops), our local grocery store (we have a weakness for doughnuts), and our local kitchen (we have a bigger weakness for homemade ice cream and cheesecake). I have to admit, I haven't been a huge help (see: my affection for anything caramel).

So last weekend, Rhiannon tried on the dress – no problem.  Maybe she didn’t make it as far as she wanted – at one point there was talk of having to take the dress in – but with all the changes that have gone on recently, this one is an easy one to handle.