something is seriously wrong

A conversation Rhiannon and I had last night (she starts): She doesn't eat sweet food.

You mean she's on a diet?

No, I guess she doesn't really like sweets at all. Ever.

What do mean she doesn't like sweets? That's un-American.

Um, she just doesn't like them. She never has any at work. You like other foods besides sweets. What's wrong with that?

Yeah, I like other foods; but given the choice between caramel and cheesecake and a plate full of broccoli,, I don't think it's really much of a choice at all.

Well, for her, the choice would be broccoli.

I find myself inclined to be distrustful of a person who chooses broccoli over cheesecake. The absurdity of that decision makes my brain all short-circuity.