another one bites the dust

Another one of the groomsmen from my wedding has fallen victim found a wonderful woman to domesticate him join him in his life. Brett is officially engaged.

We often wondered how he managed to stay single for so long.  I mean, he is an outstanding cook, a great road-trip companion, and a fine partaker of high society.

So when we heard that he was engaged, the first thing Rhiannon and I wanted to say was congratulations and what was she thinking saying yes she’s a lucky girl.

I mean, anyone who describes the perfect Valentine’s day date as a fast-food burrito from Chipotle followed by a stop at a keg party can only be described as a catch.  (Anyone that can pull off a receding hair line and still look this cool while having no idea of how to actually play guitar has to be decent.)

The Guitar Legend

(But seriously, congratulations.)