berklee performance

I guess I should say that we did in fact make it out of Cleveland, huh? Yep, home safe and sound, and Rhiannon is now up in North Dakota. Here is one of the songs that Mike performed in at the concert in Boston last weekend.

When I film things like this, I tend to be a little detached from what's happening in front of me. Looking at a camera screen feels a little like watching TV, and it's easy to forget that live action is occurring if you would just look up.

Right before Mike started playing, I was focused in on the bass player and I didn't notice him standing up or adjusting a microphone or anything. When the sax solo started, you can see I jumped over to him, but my mind never quite made the corresponding jump that this was Mike. About halfway through his solo, the thought passed through my head that this guy is pretty good, not thinking that it was, in fact, Mike, who was really good. As in someone I know personally. (I may have also been thinking about the pastries they make in the shops in the north end of Boston, so I may not be the most reliable source on this subject.)

Mike was the top tenor sax at Berklee for this clinic. It wasn't people from North Dakota, or the midwest. There were some people from other countries there. He's good - no qualifiers attached. After he finished his solo, some of the people around me, mostly parents of other kids who had played earlier, leaned over and were talking to each other - you can see one of these couples in the video. I can only imagine that the comment was something like, "Wouldn't it be nice if Billy* sounded like that guy? He's really good."

* = any random name of someone who I ignored in the first half of the concert for the "low" groups

Yeah, he is good. Really good. And I know him.  How cool is that?