boston - day 3

Today marks the last full day of the trip. Mike had sessions all day for his saxophone clinics, so I went with him this morning over to his college area and made sure he got where he was going. Along the way we saw protesters outside of the convention center by our hotel - they were striking against Aramark. I don't really know any details, but it was the first real picket line I've seen in person.


It was supposed to be a great day outside, so Rhiannon, Sarah, and I headed to the beach. We hit the final and fourth subway line that we haven't been on. After a few hours at the beach, and Sarah and Rhiannon wading out into the water, packed up and headed back into Boston. I was out on a beach a few months ago in Mexico, but apparently the tan doesn't last that long. I failed to put sunscreen on my face and have a little bit of a raccoon-like pink shade going on right now. Rhiannon and Sarah are fine - their makeup has an SPF of 15. I don't wear makeup and I pay the price.

Revere Beach Revere Beach

We just hung out and spent some time enjoying the city. With the great weather, there were mobs of people around, tourists and locals alike. There is a greenbelt area of parks. The interstate runs underneath this area - if you remember hearing about the Big Dig, these series of parks are the results of this project. I think it is a great part of the city - it borders the old North End and makes a place for kids and adults to gather.

Scenic Boston

Scenic Boston Scenic Boston


Quest Enternal

At the end of the day, we hiked up into the North End in search of a pizza place. We found a highly rated one (Pizzeria Regina) and discovered that around half the city had the same idea as us. I talked to one person in line for a table and found out they had been waiting an hour to be seated.


Luckily, like any good pizza place, they had take-out ready in 20 minutes. We were back in our hotel room enjoying a few slices before we would have been in the door.


Mike just got back from his day. I think he's ready to move to Boston, or at least spend a week here working with the people and instructors in town for his clinic. It sounds like he's having a great time and we're managing to pass the time as well. Even though it seems like we just left Colorado a few days ago, it also feels like a long time since we've been back home. Like it seems with any good vacation, we're ready to stay longer, but yet, we're ready to go home and be back to more regular schedule again.