boston - day 2

Another busy day in Boston. We slept in a little this morning. After having a but of a commute to start our mornings in New York, it's nice to have a quicker ride to begin the day in Boston.

Mike and headed up to his clinic registration on the subway (or the "T") from the hotel. Registration was scheduled for 9 to 11. We got there at 9:15 and were one of the last 10% or so in line. Apparently everyone else with parents there show up early. It was an ok thing I went with him. We got him set up in the warm up room for an audition and then I got to take a tour of the school.

It's interesting for me to tour a college now. It wasn't so long ago I was looking at schools when I was in high school. I remember looking at rooms and just thinking everything looked cool. Who would ask questions?

Now, I think of things like work study, financial aid, campus housing, meal plans, and credit transfers. Berklee seems like a great place - with its reputation, I would have a hard time expecting anything less. Top of the line talent and technology make for a decent place to study. It almost makes me wish I had thought about music a little more back when I was deciding what to do. (The sound of 20 saxophones warming up at the same time makes me think that I did fine deciding not to do music...)

Berklee College of Music Berklee College of Music
Berklee College of Music Berklee College of Music

While Mike was at his workshop, Sarah, Rhiannon and I walked the Freedom Trail - a red brick path running through Boston that highlights the historical sights. We saw the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung to signal the start of Paul Revere's Ride. We saw the USS Constitution, known as Old Ironsides. We saw Bunker Hill and the monument associated with it. We even saw the tomb of Mother Goose, who had 20 children.

Boston Details Boston Details
USS Constitution USS Cassin Young
Bunker Hill Monument
Mother Goose Gravestone

It was a bit of a walk. We did see a sign at the beginning of it recommending that families with small children break it up into segments or be sure that they are prepared with strollers or can carry the kids. Of course, we forgot the stroller, so carrying was the only option.

Piggyback Ride

In the end, again, the highlight of my day was some food. We ate at Fiore's, which is a great (and again, recommended) Italian place in the North End of Boston. It poured while we were inside and quit right before we were done, just in time to have fresh air and a cool breeze to end the evening. Bruschetta, Bambolotti, and Tiramisu. I'm not ready to go home, but I really need to, just so I stop eating like this every day.

Fiore's Fiore's